create a new order

Indicative exchange rate Rate that you we would give you if the transaction confirmed now 0.003963

Bitcoin address Address that you want to pay

ZEC return address A shielded address that you own to handle returns

Bitcoin amount Amount that you want to send to the BTC address (optional)

Transaction fee 0.0005 BTC Max order 0.15 BTC

track transaction

Transaction ID Your transaction id


What is ZCash Shield?
Currently, although shielded addresses are more private, very few services support them. Zcash Shield enables you to use any service that accepts Bitcoin while having the same privacy benefits.
How does it work?
  1. Enter destination for BTC
  2. Enter a shielded return address that you own.
  3. If you want to send a particular amount, enter it.
  4. Send Zcash to the address that will show on the next page.
  5. Save your order ID.
What happens if I send too little ZEC?
If you set an amount that you want to send and we don’t receive enough ZEC, your ZEC will be sent back automatically to your return address.
What happens if I sent too much ZEC?
If you set and amount that you want to send and we have too much ZEC, we will send the excess to the return address. We recommend rounding up your ZEC send to the next 0.1
How do I stay anonymous while using your service?
Please use the Tor Browser and onion address.
What is "Zcash sits ZEC 2kg"?
This is anti-phising mnemonic. Make sure the onion address that you use starts with "zcashsitszec2kg", otherwise you might be on a fake site. We chose this phrase because it is easy to remember.
Will you support other currencies?
Withdrawing to Monero addresses is planned. This will double the privacy and lower the fees.
How do I get in touch with you?
Please email [email protected]